There Is no hope in the world! I said,

For children die and hope is dead,

There is no peace there is no grace!

For all we do is destroy this place.


Our earth was grand and full of life!

We had no shame and had no strife!

Now we walk in earth’s desolate slum,

And let not our poor have a crumb.

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As According To His Will

A while ago I posted about prayer and how God wants us to be in constant conversation with Him. I thought I should clarify something here and dig a bit deeper on a particular topic. 1 John 5:14 says,

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

Some people take this the wrong way. ‘If I ask Him for anything, He will hear me?’. Well, no. But if it’s according to His will, yes! But how are we supposed to know if what we’re asking is according to His will? That’s where I’m going here.

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A World Broken

    As a Christian some people ask me, ‘So if there’s a powerful God, then why does He let bad things happen in the world?’. I understand why people ask this question, but let’s try to answer it together and put all our minds at rest.

  • God let’s it happen.

I know you may be thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s the problem.’ Well you see, a long time ago when He created the earth, God decided that humans should be like Him, so he gave them the freedom of choice. Every person who walks the earth is able to choose how they are to react to every situation. This is why I put such emphasis on the fact that only you can control your own actions, because God Himself gave us this ability and I want everyone to be able to say that they used it to better themselves and the world they live in. So when a human makes a wrong decision, it is from their own selfishness or ignorance, not God’s. Unfortunately, so many choose to make the bad decision, causing war and hatred to become prevalent in our societies.

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Us People

  Who are we to judge others?

Dislike them for who they are?

Be to them like unkind brothers?

Make them feel far?


We busy ourselves with our concerns,

Making sure society never learns,

That love comes first,

And hate comes not.

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Mother’s Day

A mother is patient, a mother is kind, a mother is thoughtful, just like mine.

A mother can be silly, is always in control, she can make you feel happy, and never alone.

A mother is God-given, she knows your heart, a mother is loving, of me she’s a part.

A mother is human, she still makes mistakes, she isn’t always perfect, doesn’t live in a flawless state.

Some do not have her, some do not love her, some think her weak, that her work is obsolete.

For some she goes away, she wasn’t able to stay, for others she works long hours, yet her children’s love sours.

All I know is this, that I am very blessed, to have such a great mother, who never lets her love rest.

Let us thank her today, in very special way, for all she does and did, that pain for us she tried to rid.

She didn’t always win, didn’t always understand, but she was always there, always there to care.

Thank you mom for all you do, for everything you are, I hope one day to be, half as good as you.


If We Just Loved

This is the post excerpt.


    We live in a world where peace does not go out to all people of the earth, and neither does love. We get caught up in the things like gender, sex, appearance, fame, money and status to name a few. People ask questions like, “Where do we come from?”, “Where are we going when we die?”, “What is the purpose of life?” and “Who am I?”.  Still others ask more questions like, “What is that person’s gender?”, “Is that person female or male?”, “Who do they love?”. We humans put such weight on these things, but I think we are all missing the point completely.

    Can you just imagine for a moment a world where no one judges, or hates? What would be the result of a world where that happens? There would be no war, no bullies and no need for us to have jails or hand out penalties. You may be thinking, “Well, that’s great, but it’s not the reality.” No, it’s not, and that’s sad. But we can go with what we have. What do we have? We have the ability to control our own actions and to make our own decisions. We cannot control the actions of others, what they say and do. However, what someone else does can’t control what we do. If others are making fun of the LGBTQ community, discriminating against other races or cultures, or putting anyone down in any kind of way, does that mean we should join them in their taunts? I would go as far as to say that we should not just hold back from joining in, but also defend those who are being made the objects of this unwarranted judgement.

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